MCC can help you integrate climate risk and adaptation activities across your business, including development of corporate policy and goals, emissions reductions, reporting and disclosures.


What We Do

Business Resilience & Risk Management



Emissions Mapping & Offsets



Business Resilience & Risk Management

Integration and disclosure of climate related risk is now broadly expected by investors and increasingly by regulators, customers and supply chains. MCC can help your company to identify physical and transitional climate risks and integrate these risks into strategic and operational planning to improve your climate resilience.  

We offer services in:

  • corporate climate policy

  • strategic advice

  • risk assessment

  • scenario modelling

  • education and training (board and staff level)

MCC has worked with numerous companies to develop a tailored Climate and Emissions Roadmap. This identifies the proposed pathway forward for a business in the climate space.  The roadmap sets out key steps in integrating climate governance into the business, assigning timeframes and responsibilities for each step. To assist in the development of this, companies often find MCC's services in facilitating a climate change working group invaluable. 


Climate Reporting

MCC is able to assist you in annual reporting against recognised disclosures standards to ensure your company aligns with industry and investor expectations. 


We have experience with the major reporting frameworks including the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). This includes the development of metrics and targets as part of the development of climate goals.


Emissions Mapping & Offsets

MCC understands that the type of company and the nature of their activities can have a significant impact on potential emissions. 


MCC is able to provide a strategic analysis of:

  • particular issues or challenges that a company or asset may face in terms of climate change risks and emissions reduction opportunities

  • the type of reductions activities that might be appropriate


Climate Opportunities

In addition to addressing and managing risks, MCC is able to advise you on strategic opportunities presented by the shift to a lower-carbon and resource-constrained economy.