MCC are passionate about the role changing behaviours and engaging with people has in achieving environmental and social outcomes. 


We offer extensive experience in stakeholder engagement for approvals and sustainability reporting. 


We are passionate about working with communities to build their capacity in community based natural resource management and climate change adaptation.


What We Do

Stakeholder Engagement

Community Based Resource Management

Indigenous Engagement &

Science Communication & Education

Stakeholder Engagement

MCC offer expertise in community engagement, developed through planning and managing a number of significant community consultation programs and large scale submission analysis processes.  We understand the role consultation plays in ensuring a transparent and accurate integration of stakeholder information into projects and the standards expected by regulators. 

We have written and implemented numerous consultation and communication plans, and have a strong understanding of the tools and techniques available.  This includes undertaking qualitative submission analysis and drafting response to submissions documents.

We also has extensive face-to-face liaison experience with industry representatives and members of the public including involvement in public information sessions and facilitation of workshops. 

We have successfully integrated and channeled feedback from indigenous groups, politically motivated groups as well as marginalised stakeholders such as stakeholders with English as a second language.  MCC are always careful to choose language and communication material suitable for the audience to ensure we communicate effectively.


Community Based Resource Management

MCC has a strong focus on community-based natural resource management (CBRM). The national Governments in many countries currently lack the financial and human resources to implement large scale approaches to natural resource management and/or climate change adaptation, particularly in developing countries across the Pacific and Asia. For this reason, community-based resource management is applied as a national strategy to improve food security, adaptive capacity (to climate change and other pressures), and conservation of target or threatened species and habitats, and fisheries management.


MCC works to develop relationships with individuals, communities and organisations and build their capacity to better manage their natural resources, to achieve positive environmental and social outcomes.  CBRM is a critical and central strategy for reducing long-term vulnerabilities associated with climate change and securing the benefits of marine and terrestrial resources.

MCC has undertaken CBRM work in conjunction with: WWF Australia; Coral Triangle Support Partnership (CTSP); USAID, WWFUS; WWFSI; Solomon Island Government; The Nature Conservancy (TNC); WCS; WorldFish Centre; Conservation International; Tetepare Descendants Association; Department of Environment and Conservation; Coasts, Climate, Oceans (C2O); Local Oceans Trust.; WA Department of Parks and Wildlife.


Indigenous Engagement & Co-Management

MCC understand that building relationships based on respect and trust is essential. We take the time to understand the culture, values and any sensitivities we need to be aware of and have successfully worked with a range of indigenous groups. 

As part of our experience along the Great Barrier Reef we have worked with Traditional Owners and the Reef CRC to document indigenous aspirations towards co-management of the marine resources.  We offer skills to support companies or indigenous groups looking to develop their capacity and leadership in the natural resource space.    

Science Communication & Education

MCC offers specialist skills in communicating complex scientific concepts to a general or non-expert audience.   The ability to effectively communicate science is critical to engagement with stakeholders and also valuable for media, marketing and promotion purposes. 

We have extensive experience in the development of education and training programs for companies around specific environmental issues for senior management and boards or staff.  We also have developed community-based education programs as part of encouraging behavior change.  

MCC offers integrated graphic design and printing services to support the development of figures and products.  We offer specialist marketing skills, including website development and social media advice, to ensure we can deliver the best approach for your business in our changing world.