MCC provide specialist knowledge in environmental management, regulatory approvals, decommissioning, risk workshops and scientific monitoring programs.


We have developed excellent relationships with regulators and maintain current knowledge to help guide you through Commonwealth and State based environmental approvals process. 


What We Do


Oil Spill Response Planning

Management & Monitoring

Marine Protected Areas & Biodiversity Conservation


MCC have collective experience working with many industry clients and can prepare approvals documents in an efficient manner that meet regulatory requirements and expectations.

With a focus on approvals under the Commonwealth Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage (Environment) Act 2009 and associated regulations, we are able to help you with your next Environment Plan approval whether it be for drilling, operations, production or decomissioning activities. We also have successfully completed pipeline and terrestrial based approvals under State legislation.  

To support the approvals process we have extensive experience in facilitating risk and HAZID workshops.  As outlined below we are able to offer a complete package to ensure full integration across the approvals process including oil spill response, environmental monitoring and stakeholder engagement. We have existing templates for processes and procedures available if required or can work with you to tailor existing approaches.Graphic design and editorial services are also offered.  


Oil Spill Response Planning & Management

MCC is committed to developing and delivering fit for purpose spill preparedness and response processes for clients committed to reaching their goals.

We offer a fresh and robust slant to oil spill response management – one which is based upon employing leading edge science in environmental assessment combined with the latest international thinking in strategic application of spill response preparedness and planning.


The aim is to deliver a holistic approach covering all aspects of response preparedness and planning: risk evaluation, capability assessment, environmental management and recovery planning.

MCC‘s capability is based on demonstrated experience in developing best practice environmental and risk management systems, process and capability which is used to highlight the key issues that influence oil spill response success. 

We have proven success in negotiating complex oil spill risk preparedness and planning within highly environmentally sensitive environments, harnessing strong leadership and stakeholder management skills to facilitate collaboration and address strategic regulatory, operational and environmental risk. MCC offers the following specialist services;

  • Advice on the feasibility and application of preparedness and response plans

  • Development of environmental and risk management processes

  • Development and facilitation of risk assessment workshops and structured data collection

  • Priorities for protection analysis and planning

  • Strategic and operational NEBA process

  • Development of spill response capabilities applicable to the level of risk

  • Robust operational and scientific monitoring plans

  • Oiled wildlife response planning

  • Shoreline cleanup & assessment technique (SCAT)

  • Stakeholder consultation programs


Environmental Management & Monitoring

MCC has expertise across several monitoring disciplines, including for Environmental Impact Assessment, baseline monitoring, compliance assessment monitoring as well as more specialised protected & threatened species monitoring and management. The MCC team has a comprehensive understanding of ecosystem processes, across temperate and tropical latitudes. MCC offers the following marine monitoring expertise;

  • Marine monitoring program design and implementation

  • Benthic primary producer

  • Coral reef

  • Mangroves

  • Seagrass

  • Water quality

  • Sediment

  • Marine mammals

  • Marine turtles



Marine Protected Areas & Biodiversity Conservation

MCC have extensive knowledge and experience in marine protected area management and planning. MCC have been involved in data collection, design and implementation of marine protected areas in the Philippines and Solomon Islands, as well as the rezoning (Representative Areas Program – RAP) for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, the Commonwealth Governments northwest reserve network, and Western Australian’s marine parks and reserves.

MCC have been actively involved in biodiversity conservation programs in the Pacific region, as well as tropical Australia, the Caribbean, and southeast Asia. MCC has specialised expertise and knowledge of monitoring and analysing marine and terrestrial ecosystem condition and trend, impacts on biodiversity and recovery, and a thorough understanding of conservation issues and trends.

MCC brings together a team with decades of experience in understanding and synthesising information on biodiversity and ecosystems and has collectively published in excess of 80 scientific publications and technical reports on marine conservation, marine ecosystem status and trends, vulnerability to climate change, tropical marine ecosystem values and resilience and adaptation.