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MCC & Carbon Neutral

As part of our commitment to sustainability, MCC have recently partnered with Carbon Neutral to establish 'Kerrie's Carbon Neutral Nursery'.

Carbon Neutral helps organisations across Australia, and beyond, minimise their impact on the environment by working with them to measure, reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions. Their Plant-a-Tree program helps to achieve this by restoring Australia’s natural habitat through biodiverse reforestation of degraded land.

MCC has chosen to actively support the work of Carbon Neutral by funding the planting of mixed native species in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor. This particular project is focused on linking small patches of remaining vegetation in the cleared and degraded northern wheatbelt region of Southwest Australia, creating a 200km stretch of trees and other plant life to reconnect coastal and drier inland habitats.

So far MCC has contributed 189 native trees and shrubs to this restoration program in an effort to capture some of our carbon and increase our sustainability, as well as helping Carbon Neutral to reduce soil salinity, wind and water erosion, enhance biodiversity and restore habitat for native animals.

We have also committed to purchasing more trees through Carbon Neutral for every new project we win, and instead of purchasing Christmas gifts for our clients this year we will be planting trees on their behalf!

Read more about Carbon Neutral's Plant-a-Tree Program here.