With a growing focus on sustainability across all sectors, MCC are able to provide a complete GRI standard sustainability reporting package, including materiality assessments, training and education and the implementation of activities to achieve targets across social, environment and governance business areas


What We Do

Education &


ESG Assessment & Reporting

Material Mapping


Education & Training

Changing governance rules require directors of large companies to understand their responsibilities and investor expectations. MCC are able to provide training and education packages for board members or employees presenting what sustainability means to your business, what your legal and voluntary reporting requirements are, and the standards and methodology used.


ESG Assessment & Sustainability Reporting

Our staff have successfully completed Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Accredited Sustainability Reporting training and as a member of the GRI community are able to offer the latest advice and updates to the standards, along with the disclosures recommended to meet the IPIECA voluntary reporting and UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We have experience working with companies starting their reporting journey and are able to guide you forward through the development of an Environment/Social/Governance (ESG) roadmap tailored to your company.  Often when we undertake an assessment of sustainability work already undertaken, companies are doing more in this space then they think.    


For those companies ready to undertake annual Sustainability Reporting we offer a full package service including authorship, facilitation of goal setting workshops, graphic design and editing.  


Material Mapping

Material mapping is an essential process to undertake when developing a Sustainability Report. It transparently identifies the relevance and significance of a ESG issue (known as a material topic) from two dimensions – company and stakeholder values. MCC undertake material mapping processes with companies to identify which topics should be reported on in a sustainability report and prioritised by a business.  


MCC has developed a quantitative approach to undertaking material mapping which enables a standardised process that can be replicated year on year. To support this process we undertake stakeholders engagement and peer bench-marking.  



​MCC will work across your organisation to implement your ESG framework.  MCC can facilitate a clear pathway to how you will achieve your goals and meet increasing disclosure requirements.  This includes:

  • Policy development

  • Data management and auditing

  • Social investment and community engagement projects

  • Offset management