About Us


MCC offer a pool of skilled professionals with proven success in developing and providing environment, climate, and sustainability services. We provide the optimum fit to integrate with your team to ensure we provide the best outcome for your project.


MCC is committed to developing long term relationships with our clients and delivering fit for purpose products that are tailored to each project. We are a known and trusted company that deliver high quality reports and products and always meet our client’s needs.


We have developed excellent relationships with regulators and maintain current knowledge of latest research and guidance to help guide you through the approvals processes. Our staff have successfully completed Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Accredited Sustainability Reporting training and as a member of the GRI community are able to offer the latest advice and updates to the standards.


Meet The Team

We are a team of highly qualified and practiced Environment and Sustainability Specialists. We will work with your team to deliver environmental solutions, to integrate climate change planning and to develop and strengthen sustainability across your business.

Gillian Starling
Paulina Poray
Senior Sustainability & Energy Advisor
Carly Bertolino
Business & Process Advisor
Kerrie Youngs
Sustainability Lead
Nikki Forrester
Sustainability & Environment Advisor
Nadia Aurisch
Team Leader & Climate Change Advisor
Melissa Petrie
Senior Sustainability & Environment Advisor
Lucy Muir
Business Manager & Environment Lead
Brenton Chatfield
Senior Environmental Specialist
Tyron Miley
Senior Environmental Advisor

Affiliated Organisations

To deliver the best possible services to our clients we have ongoing partnerships with the following organisations:

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